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Guided By Self

Guided By Self


"In this guide you will learn tips, techniques, and best practices for building a solid foundation of trust within yourself, developing a relationship with your higher self, and entering a fluid state of existing and accepting which will ultimately lead you to a more peaceful and fulfilling life." 


This guide was built for women who are ready to emerge from the shell of their past, and build the life of their dreams. Of course, it will not happen in a day, or may even a year, but with the proper knowledge and intentions written within the pages of this guidebook - anything is possible...

Guided By Self:

A handbook for the woman who is ready to unleash her full potential...


Centuries of wisdom sits within you, whispering, guiding, and leading the way - not only for you, but also for your future family. Sometimes your intuition will lead you in a direction that is far from the norm, beyond the group-think, and possibly directly against the masses. It is important that we, as individuals, are tapped into our own wisdom bodies so that we cannot be led astray by another.

Sometimes it is good to heed the advice of others that have previous knowledge or experience, but many times, you need to tune into your true feelings before taking action. I experienced this in my own life early in 2021 when I was considering quitting my job and leaving the career path that I had worked so hard to achieve for years. My parents, partner, and friends all told me that it was not a good idea, and that I should keep my job and just do some of the things I really desired on the side. In those crucial  moments, as I listened to my loved ones warn me against following through with my radical ideas, thankfully I had the discernment and awareness to know that while they were all speaking from a loving space, they simply did not know what was best for me. They did not have the wisdom I had within my own body about my own life path. Even if it was the riskiest and most absurd sounding path, I had to try it. Today, I am so grateful that I trusted myself and did not listen to anyone else’s advice during that pivotal moment in my life. The lesson here for you is that you will need to develop a strong will, belief in your own instincts, and the courage to act when you don't have all of the information you need. Trust that things will work out if you take the leap.

In this guide you will learn tips, techniques, and best practices for building...

The 5 Step Process in "Guided By Self"


Remove programming and blocks to help you learn your Self and your Truth.


Begin to build a foundational relationship with your intuitive spirit.


Grow trust with your inner voice and differentiate it from the anxious voice.


Confidently embrace change & transformation as walk your life path.


Initate aligned actions to slowly but surely build a life you love. 

If you've made it this far, you are already on the right path to becoming the woman you were always meant to be. 


Let's take this next stride together...

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